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Hawaiian Dolls published in Doll Collector Magazine
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<h2>Kohola reflects the majestic Mana of the Humpback Whale.</h2> <h2>'Ihi'ihi's Mana conveys good luck, to all who are around her.</h2> <h2>Kahiko's dance honors the sacredness of life.</h2> <h2>Aloha and Mana'o channel Hawaii's Aloha spirit</h2>  <h2>Pua 'Olena<span>(Olena Flower)</span></h2> <p>Watch her closely! Pua 'Olena invites you to enter her sacred space so that your beauty can unfold like the precious blossoms of the 'Olena plant.</p> <h2>Pele blesses you with her flame of Kilauea Volcano.</h2> <h2>Kai<span>(Ocean)</span></h2> <p>inspires us to surrender to the waves of life.</p> <h2>Olapa (Dancer)</h2> <h2>The divine powers of Lomilomi and Ho'oponopono</h2> <h2>Ti (Hawaiian Ti Plant)</h2> <h2>Kukui, the Guardian Angel</h2>


Hawaiian Collectible Menehune Dolls