<h2>Akaka and Lehua</h2> <p>Akaka and Lehua bless you with life giving water and the magic of the Lehua flower.</p> <h2>Ola (Life), the Hula Dancer</h2> <h2>Moana Inspired Princess Art Doll </h2> <h2>Japanese Kimono Doll, Kiyoko (Pure Child)</h2><p>I pray for your happiness.</p>  <h2>Leilani<span></span></h2> <p>the Guardian Angel.</p> <h2>Aniani (Reflection) </h2> <p>Aniani reflects the essence of life and light.</p> <h2>Ho'ano Ohana, the Holy Family</h2> <h2>Kimo and Mahea</h2> <p>Huggable Hawaiian Art Dolls</p> <h2>Moana and Maui</h2> <p>Moana and Maui inspire us to believe in ourselves.</p> <h2>Ho'ano Ohana, the Holy Family</h2> <p>Malia, Iesu, Iokepa, Pueo, Honu, Pua'a, the 3 Holy Kings, the Shepherd and his Sheep</p> <h2>Pu and Honu </h2> <p>Pu and Honu convey the magical power of words.</p> <h2>Japanese Kimono Doll</h2> <h2>Pele Big & Small </h2> <h2>Custom Birthday Doll</h2> <p>Create your own Custom Birthday Doll!</p> <h2>Huggable Hawaiian Art Doll</h2> <p>Ahi (Fire) and Hulili (First Light)</p> <h2>Huggable Hawaiian Art Doll, Pu (Conch Shell)</h2> <h2>Hi'iaka & Lohi'au</h2> <p>Hi'iaka's and Lohi'au's Mana attunes us to the spirit of Aloha.</p>


Hawaiian Collectible Menehune Dolls