Hawaiian Dolls

Nai’as (Dolphins) are often called the “Angels of the Sea”. They are adored symbols of joy and playfulness that thousands of people connect with.

Their divine aura delights our senses by radiating healing energy to mind, body and spirit. 

Dolphins welcome us into their world, and invite us to swim with them into the unknown. They are intelligent friends who exemplify qualities we value– cooperation, harmony, peace, joyfulness, health, beauty, wisdom, grace and, above all, unconditional love. Dolphins fill our minds with visions of freedom, encouraging us to attain many life-enhancing qualities.

With their loving, positive and joyful Mana (spiritual energy), the Nai’a (dolphin) motivates us to be strong, curious, inquisitive, and to enjoy life to the fullest.

The enchanting Mana of the dolphin inspired the creation of Nai’a, the Menehune Sailor.

Nai’a (Dolphin)

Nai’a is named after his Aumakua (ancestral guardian spirit), the Hawaiian Dolphin. Dolphins are often called the “Angels of the Sea”.Surrounded by the joyful Mana (spiritual energy) and unconditional love of his Aumakua, Nai’a always feels protected when he sails his Wa’akaukahi (Outrigger Canoe) in the gentle breeze of Punalu’u Black Sands Beach.

Nai’a follows the dolphin’s graceful movements, as they lead him deeply into the peaceful, spiritual realm of the Pacific Ocean.

Nai’a’s greatest treasures are the precious conch shells, which are a gift from the ocean. When he blows his Pu (Conch Shell) in the 4 sacred directions, its pure sound echoes across the vast ocean invoking blessings of divine Mana (spiritual energy).  Nai’a’s Pu attracts good luck and the courage to manifest dreams.

In the spirit of the dolphin, Nai’a inspires us to be strong, curious, and to enjoy life to the fullest.

Nai’a is a one of a kind collectible display dolls handcrafted by Hawaiian Dolls. Nai’a comes with his story and a certificate of authenticity.

Nai’a reflects the divine Mana of the Hawaiian Dolphin.

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