Hawaii’s Coral Reef, Sacred Landscape of the Pacific Ocean

Hawaii‘s Coral Reef, Sacred Landscape of the Pacific Ocean

Coral ReefThe magnificent Puna (Coral) is a gift from the ocean.

Coral is believed to have great magical and medicinal Mana (spiritual energy). It is the stone of passion and healing. Coral provides protection from illness and harm. According to research, corals contain hormones which have a strong positive influence on the human body. Ashes from burned Coral heal wounds and ulcers. Coral powder dissolved in water is an effective pain-killer.

Coral also is believed to attract love, prosperity, creativity, optimism, inner peace, strength and understanding of life’s purpose.

Hawaii’s coral reefs stretch out for more than 1200 miles in the Pacific Ocean, covering about 85% of all coral reefs in the US. The reef is of great importance to the ocean environment and its inhabitants as well as to humans. It supports marine and terrestrial life.

They look just like rocks, but reefs are alive. Corals give them their structure, offering habitat and food to the many fish, lobsters, octopus and crabs. The 500 different species of algae growing on the Hawaiian coral reef provide food and life-sustaining oxygen for all marine life. Algae provide more oxygen than all land plants worldwide combined.

Many of the plants, fish, and invertebrates found in the Hawaiian coral reef are endemic to Hawaii. In old Hawaii reef fish provided the people with  protein and are still considered a delicacy today.

Reefs protect shorelines from erosion and storm damage by limiting the impact of strong waves.

(Picture: Beach) The beautiful beaches of Hawaii were created by the coral reef. Beach sand evolves from dead fragments of coral, shells and calcified algae.

The great surfing waves of Hawaii are shaped by the reefs.

Snorkeling and diving in the enchanting coral reef makes the Pacific Ocean and underwater paradise, which allows us to connect with the wonders of nature.

Hawaiian reefs are endangered. Showing respect and appreciation by helping to clean the beaches, catching only the fish that are really needed, refraining from throwing waste into the water will help to sustain our precious coral reefs.

Malama Ka’aina!- Care for the land!

Lokalia 9The magnificent Hawaiian Puna inspired the creation of Menehune girl Lokalia (Coral).



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