Kanaloa, Hawaiian God of the Ocean

kanaloa-3In Hawaiian mythology Kanaloa is the god of the ocean and the ocean winds. He is one of the four major gods of Hawaii: Kane, Kanaloa, Ku and Lono. Kanaloa was strongly connected with Kane, the creator of all life. When the people in old Hawaiians built a canoe they would invoke Kane’s blessing for the building and Kanaloa’s for its sailing.

On their journeys together Kanaloa and Kane would share the sacred drink of ‘Awa (drink of the gods). Striking the ground with their staffs they caused hidden springs of fresh water to burst forth.

show Kanaloa wearing a headdress that touches the ground connecting the conscious and unconscious mind, integrating the upper and lower selves.Statues of Kanaloa feature him with round eyes, unlike those of any other representations of the gods.

Eye of Kanaloa According to a Kauai tradition, if you could look into the eye of Kanaloa you would see the symbol of Pono (goodness) and be healed. Kanaloa is a healer god. One of his Kinolaus (forms) is the He’e (octopus), which was believed to make sickness flee.

Ka-na-loa means ‘grounded’.
Kanaloa reminds us that a solid foundation brings security, strength and healing.

The great Hawaiian healing Ocean God inspired the creation of Menehune Kanaloa.

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