Mermaids, Mystical Oracle of the Ocean

Mermaids, Mystical Oracle of the Ocean

DCIM100GOPROG0218059.Makua, the secret Mermaid Cave on Oahu

Oceans are marvelous with wonders and beauty, their ability to provide and power to destroy. The Oceanic realm is fascinating with its mystery, music and depth.

Mermaids are spirits of the ocean who offer wisdom and insight. They are the divine link between the world of ocean and world of human.

Mermaid magic is intriguing and captures our imagination.

Let the sea whisper sweet wishes to you and connect with the energy and healing Mana (spiritual energy) of the mermaids. With their overflowing magic, Mermaids teach ways to heal the past, love yourself more deeply, embrace creativity and find your life’s purpose. Loving, adventurous, kind and daring, Mermaids convey messages of healing, love and romance.

Take a magical journey into the enchanted oceanic realm and dive with the Mermaids! Invoke their divine Mana to manifest your dreams!

Hoku Kai 16Hoku Kai (Sea Star), the Mermaid

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