Lala (Sunshine)

Lala's Mana rejuvenates the spirit within.

Price: $109.00

Lala (Sunshine)

Birth Date: Ianuali 18, 2015 (01-18-15)

Lala's smile is like sunshine, warming body and soul. Lala is the Menehune's Keiki Punahele (beloved child). They love her and take turns watching over her at all times. Lala is only 3 months old. She just left the spiritual world and her memory and connection to her origin are very strong. The Menehunes rejoice in Lala’s sweet innocence. Gently rocking her cradle, they softly sing a Hawaiian lullaby to her:

He nani lua 'ole
Ku'u wehi o nâ lani
He kilohana 'oe
Na'u e pûlama mau
Hô'olu i ka poli e
Mehana i ke anu e.

I can smile when it's raining
Touch the warmth of the sun
I hear children laughing
In this place that I love
Where I live there are rainbows
With life in the laughter of morning
And birds filled with song

Surrounded by her Ohana’s (family’s) Aloha (love), Lala lies contently in her coconut cradle cuddling her Pea 'Alika (Teddy Bear) and sucking on her thumb. The deep inner knowing that she is always taken care of fills her with trust and love.

Like sunshine, Lala's Mana (spiritual energy) nourishes and rejuvenates the spirit within.

Lala's Tutu (grandmother) crocheted her pink pants and matching booties which she adorned with 2 tiny pink crystals. She also sewed the bedding and canopy with a Plumeria design for the cradle and decorated the canopy with a green feather lei. The Hulu (feather) lei is believed to link to the divine. Tutu hung a heart shaped crystal in the center of the canopy. Lala delights in watching it sparkle in the sunlight. Last Tutu put a Plumeria flower behind Lala's ear. All these things were Tutu's gifts of Aloha (love) to her beloved Mo’opuna Wahine (granddaughter).

Lala is about 3” tall fitting in the palm of your hand. The body is made out of stretch cotton and wired for flexibility. The eyes and mouth are intricately embroidered onto the face. Lala has tiny little hands and feet, ears, buttocks, and a belly button.
Pea 'Alika, theTeddy Bear, is about 1" tall. He is handmade out of synthetic fur with black crystals for eyes and nose and a pink embroidered mouth.

The coconut for Lala’s cradle was selected from palm trees Punalu’u Black Sands Beach. It is hand carved, sanded, polished, and fit to a custom pine wood rocking base.
All accessories were individually handcrafted.
Lala is a one of a kind collectible display doll handcrafted by Hawaiian Dolls. She comes with her story and a certificate of authenticity.

Lala’s Sunshine Mana helps us to reconnect with our spiritual origin, the eternal presence of love within and all around us.