Nai'a (Dolphin)

Nai'a reflects the divine Mana of the Hawaiian Dolphin

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Nai'a (Dolphin)

Birthdate: Ianuali 6, 2015 (01/06/2015)

Nai'a is named after his Aumakua (ancestral guardian spirit), the Hawaiian Dolphin. Dolphins are often called the “Angels of the Sea”.Surrounded by the joyful Mana (spiritual energy) and unconditional love of his Aumakua, Nai'a always feels protected when he sails his Wa’akaukahi (Outrigger Canoe) in the gentle breeze of Punalu’u Black Sands Beach.

Nai'a follows the dolphin's graceful movements, as they lead him deeply into the peaceful, spiritual realm of the Pacific Ocean.
Nai'a’s greatest treasures are the precious conch shells, which are a gift from the ocean. When he blows his Pu (Conch Shell) in the 4 sacred directions, its pure sound echoes across the vast ocean invoking blessings of divine Mana (spiritual energy).  Nai'a's Pu attracts good luck and the courage to manifest dreams.

In the spirit of the dolphin, Nai'a inspires us to be strong, curious, and to enjoy life to the fullest.



Nai'a’s Tutu (grandmother) wove her Mana into the Ti Leaf Leis he wears around his neck. According to ancient Hawaiian beliefs, Ti leaves provide protection from all harm. She also crafted and blessed his conch shell amulet and adorned it with a star shaped crystal. Wearing his amulet and Ti leaf lei and guided by his Aumakua, the Dolphin, Nai'a always feels save and secure.
Tutu also sewed his ocean blue Malu (wraparound) and crocheted his white pants.

Nai’a and his Kuku (grandfather) made his Wa’akaukahi (Outrigger Canoe) together. Walking through the forest they started following the native forest bird who selected the tree they would use to build the canoe. After Nai’a and his Kuku finished carving the Wa’akaukahi, they built the sail which has a design of 2 dolphins playing in the ocean. The dolphins on his sail give Nai’a the greatest comfort. They remind him that, if he should ever get lost at sea, he can call on his Aumakua, the dolphin, who always, without fail, comes to guide Nai’a safely back to shore.

All these things were Tutu’s and Kuku's sacred gifts of Aloha (Love) to their beloved Mo’opuna Kane (grandson).

Nai'a is about 3.5” tall fitting in the palm of your hand. The body is made out of stretch cotton and wired for flexibility. The eyes and mouth are intricately embroidered onto the face. Nai'a has little hands and feet, ears, buttocks, and a belly button. His malu is sewn out of the same cotton fabric as his sail.
All accessories were individually handcrafted.

Nai'a is a one of a kind collectible display dolls handcrafted by Hawaiian Dolls. Nai'a comes with his story and a certificate of authenticity.

Nai'a reflects the divine Mana of the Hawaiian Dolphin.