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Japanese Kimono Doll, Kiyoko (Pure Child)
I pray for your happiness.
Pua'a, the Hawaiian Good Luck Pig
Pua'a, the Hawaiian Good Luck Pig
Japanese Kimono Doll 'Sach'i
Let's always be friends!
Pu and Honu
Pu and Honu convey the magical power of words.
Kanaloa (Secure), God of the Ocean
Kanaloa channels the Mana of healing.
Aniani (Reflection)
Aniani reflects the essence of life and light.
Akaka and Lehua
Akaka and Lehua bless you with life giving water and the magic of the Lehua flower.
Custom Birthday Doll
Create your own Custom Birthday Doll!
Lala (Sunshine)
Lala's Mana rejuvenates the spirit within.
Hi'iaka and Lohi'au
Hi'iaka's and Lohi'au's Mana attunes us to the spirit of Aloha.
Leilani, the Guardian Angel
Welcome Leilani as your Guardian Angel.