Pueo (Owl) and Iana (White Owl)

(Owl and White Owl) "Pueo and Iana are bringers of good luck."

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Pueo (Owl) and Iana (White Owl)

Birthdate: Pepeluali 22, 2014 (02/22/14)

Pueo is named after his Aumakua (Guardian Spirit), the Hawaiian Owl. The Pueo has always been sacred to the Hawaiians and is considered “the Bringer of Good Luck”.

Pueo is so closely connected to his Aumakua that Iana (White Owl) chose him as a close friend. Iana appears whenever Pueo calls on her but she also often comes on her own at important times of change when she knows that her advise is needed. Iana always lands on Pueo’s right arm where he greets her with love and respect. Together they walk through the majestic Koa forest in the Kaiholena Mountains. Pueo knows that Iana brings Mana, supernatural powers.
Her messages come to him in visions and dreams. Pueo always follows Iana’s guidance and advice knowing that it will keep him and his Menehune Ohana (family) save from all harm and lead them to happiness and good fortune.

Pueo and Iana are bringers of good luck and offer guidance and wisdom in all areas of life.

Pueo’s Tutu (grandmother) wove her Aloha (love) and Mana into her Mo’opuna Kane’s (grandson) Maile Leis. Maile is the lei of eternal love. Tutu crafted a special amulet using one of Iana’s white feathers and a green crystal to inspire spiritual strength, unity and love.
Tutu also sewed Pueo’s lavalava (wraparound) out of red cotton with a Maile leaf design and crocheted matching green underwear.

Pueo is about 3.5” tall, fitting in the palm of your hand. The body is made out of stretch cotton and wired for flexibility. The eyes and mouth are intricately embroidered onto the face. Pueo has tiny little hands and feet, ears, buttocks, and a belly button.
Iana is made out of white synthetic fur and feathers. Her body is wired for flexibility. The eyes are black crystals. The beak is hand molded out of clay.
Pueo’s doll stand is a small piece of custom hand carved, sanded and polished Koa wood.
All accessories were individually handcrafted.

Pueo is Pele’s brother and dedicated guardian. Whenever Pele walks through the sacred Hawaiian Ohia forest, Pueo and Iana are right there to watch over her. Together they rejoice in the Mana of peace and happiness that surrounds them.
Pueo and Iana are one of a kind collectible display dolls handcrafted by Hawaiian Dolls. They come with their story and a certificate of authenticity.

Pueo and Iana channel the spiritual wisdom of Hawaii.