Sabine's dolls are the best ever ! Worth every penny ! Buy with confidence!


Sabine's dolls are perfection and amazing one of a kinds! I love them !


Love the quality, detail and cultural story of these uniquely Hawaiian creations. Really beautiful work!


What a wonderful experience it was ordering these special Menehune dolls from Sabine. I absolutely love them.

She took the time to customize the dolls to the every detail that I requested for my two daughters, and they turned out even more amazing than I anticipated. It's very apparent how much pride and aloha Sabine puts into making these, and they are so much more than dolls. She kept in touch while in the process of making them and sent pictures too. They were shipped promptly when they were completed, and both came with certificates and stories. I can't thank her enough for this spiritual and priceless gift. I highly recommend having Sabine make a spiritual Menehune doll for you!



Princess `Ili`ili arrived today and she is absolutely delightful.  I'm so impressed with the detail with which she is made, her outrigger is wonderful with the whale sail, and her story so sweet.  

I am a 72 year old great grandmother who still plays with and collects dolls.  My two great granddaughters will eventually end up with many of my dolls but my little Menehune, will always stay with me.  

I look forward to another visit to the islands and until then will treat myself to more of your little Menehune. They are just adorable. 


I'm so thrilled with my new addition of the Menehune babies: Kanaka. & Pua'a, a hunter with his wild boar. You know these miniature dolls were made with lots of love. They are hand sewn, perfectly proportioned and they were made with the greatest love from the artist. I'm excited and happy they are mine. Thanks Sabine



Received the Menehunes and they are just wonderful!  The attention to detail and loving care you put into them (and their stories!) are so heartfelt!  Thank you so much for sharing these little reminders of aloha!



Absolutely Precious! I looked for a locally made doll when in Hawaii at Christmas but no luck. Then I found this adorable doll on http://www.etsy.com/shop/menehunebabies!



I highly recommend this seller. These dolls are such a treasure! The details are unbelievable!



I received Lulu and Lohaku today. They are even better than the pictures! I couldn't believe the amount of work that you have put into making these wonderful little Menehune babies. The attention to detail far exceeded my expectations. You are truly an artist. I wish you well in your business and I am so glad I found you on. I will always treasure Lulu and Lohaku!



Dear Sabine, I just enjoyed my very first trip to the islands with my son. It was the very best vacation I have ever had. I was so excited to view and purchase your dolls. As a doll lover and art teacher I will treasure them always. Aloha



Your menehune dolls are so adorable. I so would have loved to have the Hooponopono couple, as I am going to work with hooponopono here in Germany, but it seems that they have found another home already.
Your work is truly shining with love. May the love return to you manifold.



Hi Sabine, Your Hawaiian dolls are precious and their meaning ....even more precious ...I believe creating a doll is a ritual in itself...I love what you have to say and I try to connect with universal energy in my early morning meditation ritual. It was a tough morning, this morning...and I asked the universe for answers...and before continuing on my morning workout...there you were! haha the universe does deliver everything we ask for....Thanks



Hi Sabine, I was treated to a slide show of your adorable dolls. They appear to be quite tiny, yet so detailed in their coconut shells little homes and surrounding beaches and garden habitats.  Do you sell them - because they sure look mighty collectable!   Cute as can be! Hugs,



Aloha! She is BEAUTIFUL, PERFECT!!! I have been able to feel us both and create a vision. I am at loss for words.. You have created her as I saw her when describing her to you.. Can't wait to have her here with me!!! She is GORGEOUS!!



Aloha Sabine, Your menehunes are precious and beyond... I have seen your site and enjoy seeing it again and again...Mahalo



Your package arrived and Iolani and Io are absolutely wonderful! Thank you for sending them so quickly. You should know that my family will treasure your wonderful creations forever. Aloha



Kihikihi arrived today..and he is adorable!! Wonderful doll and accessories. A true piece of art!



Hello, I love your dolls not only because they're so cute and wonderfully detailed but because they each have a name, birthdate, style and as you say it in your website...a soul. The characters of your dolls are so nice and I really think our daughter would love to have one.


Makanau arrived today. He is so cute!! Love his little honus, one of my favorite creatures. Your attention to detail with costume and accessories along with their stories makes each one so special. They along with a painting from my last trip to Hawaii will be the focus on a wall I'm redoing in my bedroom. Makanau and Princess ‘Ili`ili should get along just fine. And there will be room for future Menehune dolls. Mahalo for Makanau and I will continue to watch your web site and share with friends. Aloha...



Liko is beautiful, and a perfect mate for Kihikihi. I am so thrilled that you worked with my husband to create a mate for Kihikihi so he is no longer here alone. Liko and Kihikihi are now together and look amazing on the glass shelf in our cabinet. The overhead lighting lets the red crystals in Liko’s head lei twinkle and sparkle. Thank you so much...