About The Artist

The ArtistThe beautiful, secluded mountains of Kau on the Big Island of Hawaii are my home. Writing about the mystical spirit of Hawaii and crafting Menehune dolls are my passions.

My name is Sabine Hendreschke. I was born and raised in Germany. Thirty years ago a coincidence, which is explained in my inspirational short story “Home of My Heart”,  caused me to move Hawaii where I work as a writer and artist, as well as educational assistant and computer instructor at our local school.

Living in Hawaii has been my greatest inspiration, leading to many wonderful things including the creation of Magical Hawaiian Menehunes.

Creating a Menehune doll transfers me into a miniature life of my own. Sewing the body, dressing it, the intricate art of embroidering the face, with every meticulous stitch, every step of the way, the Menehune grows and takes on a life of its own.

It is almost as if the doll is dictating who he or she wants to become. I follow these inspirations because now a deeper part of me takes over communicating with the developing spirit of the doll. The flow of possibilities and creative ideas become endless. I have reached my inner place of stillness where I find and lose myself at the same time. It enhances my ability to communicate ideas and feelings in ways where words fail. A lot of detailing, inspiration, and love are committed to each individual doll.

The intricate art of crafting 3.5" miniature cloth dolls is something I would have never thought I had the patience to do. But it has become my most cherished and gratifying creation. It is a delightful experience to look at a finished doll and see that it has come alive. The spirit of true doll making is enlightening.

The timeless wisdom of Hawaiian culture has always inspired me. I express my deep respect for Hawaii's ancient magical spirit through my dolls and their stories. Living in Hawaii along with intensive studies and research has increased my deep love and respect for all that is Hawaii, given me some knowledge to integrate Hawaiian traditions and symbolism into my art and writings.

Native Hawaiians are deeply in touch with their creative and intuitive spirit. They live in harmony with nature. Hawaiian tradition emphasizes Mana or spiritual energy which is expressed in its philosophies, mythologies, and culture.

Tremendous time and Mana are devoted to each doll. It makes the Menehunes priceless. These miniature dolls in their coconut cradles, chairs or canoes are so unique, they cannot be found anywhere else. My main objective with Magical Hawaiian Menehunes is to bring joy and inspiration to people. I am delighted at how quickly these inspired creations have touched the lives of many people around the world.

Honoring magical Hawaii and spreading its magnificent Aloha spirit throughout the world has become my life's purpose.

Magical Hawaiian Menehunes are dolls with a soul carrying the spiritual power of Hawaii.

As a little girl I had about 30 dolls who all had a name and a soul. My childhood was filled with fairy tales and magic. Once my parents made a coconut cradle for me and put a baby doll inside. This became one of my most cherished toys.

45 years later I reinvented my parent's coconut cradle design integrating the legendary Hawaiian Menehunes.


Thus began the creation of Magical Hawaiian Menehunes.